Architecture on the Air

The quarters of The Architects, testing the mobile radio studio in Venice

“Can you hear me? Keep walking, let’s see how far it goes.”

I’m sitting here in the sticky heat of Venice, on the deck of the Australian pavilion, listening to a little pocket wireless while Stuart and Christine test the broadcast range of our mobile radio station. It’s a fully self-contained micro-studio, on wheels, with a FM transmitter, aerial, mixing desk, 4 microphones and headsets, all running off a 12 volt car battery. We had it fabricated back in Melbourne, and shipped over in a container with the rest of the gear for the Australian exhibition.

We, as The Architects on Triple R, will be broadcasting live during the first week of the architecture biennale on the FM dial, from the giardini and various points around the island of Venice.

We’ve been invited to exhibit as part of Formations: New Practices in Australian Architecture, curated by Anthony Burke of UTS and Gerard Reinmuth of Terroir. The show seeks to explore “the nature of innovative configurations of architectural practice in Australia today and the desire for a renewed form of architectural agency which drives them.” Six practices are represented — Health Habitat, Supermanoeuvre, 2012 Ai, ArchRival, Richard Goodwin, and us — each bringing a distinct approach to producing and presenting architecture.

While each of us have our own architectural practices — Stuart as HAW, Simon as BKK, Christine as OpenHAUS, and myself — in the context of the exhibition, the radio show is our ‘practice formation’: representing the dissemination of architectural ideas through interviews and discussion.

We’ve been doing the show weekly since 2004, almost 350 shows, including coverage of the last 3 biennales as journalists, but this is the first time we’ve taken the show ‘on the road’ as it were. It’s been a steep learning curve to get our heads around the technical stuff, (with a lot of help from Triple R techs) but hey, we’re live!

The other aspect of the project is a major upgrade of our archive website, which is now online at Big thanks to Joel Galvez, the designer, who has built in a live-search function to filter terms and tags, to hopefully allow you to dig deep into our back catalogue. The audio files are also plugged into a nifty player which doesn’t use flash, so it works smoothly on all devices. Not an easy feat.

If you’re around Venice for the biennale, we’ll be broadcasting from the Australian pavilion in the giardini in the mornings, and then moving to another spot somewhere in the city in the afternoons.

For more regular updates on where we are and what we’re up to, follow us on Twitter (@roryhyde, @stuartnharrison, @10xPhillips & @simonknott), and with the hash tag #radioarchitects.

Come and find us, say hello, we’ll give you a radio and you can continue to wander with the sweet sounds of architecture in your ears.

108.00 FM in Venice (for now) and

Posted: August 25th, 2012
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