Rory Hyde 

Al Manakh 2: Gulf Continued 

Rem Koolhaas, Todd Reisz eds., Archis, 2012

(Role: researcher and contributor)


Al Manakh 2: Gulf Continued is a publication examining the architecture, urbanism, economy and society of the Gulf region. With 120 contributors, largely drawn from the region itself, Al Manakh 2 is an informed and comprehensive study of the Gulf just as its future is challenged by the financial crisis of 2009.

Rory Hyde formed part of the production team at Archis, contributing a year of research, a number of articles and illustrations, particularly focused on the role of foreign consultants.


‘Destined to become a valuable anthropological resource in years, decades, and perhaps even centuries to come.’ - Domus

‘The best architectural and planning insight you can find about the recent developments and experiments in the [Gulf region].’ - Goodreads


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