Rory Hyde ProjectsDesign
Bin Dome
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 2013

Made of 1,000 Ikea rubbish bins, this geodesic dome refers to Melbourne’s history of experimental architecture and utopian thinking to create a generous public space. 

Inspired by the architect Roy Grounds, who in the early 1960s created a geodesic dome made out of rubbish bin lids on his property in coastal NSW.  

Covered in ‘air plants’ (epiphytes), the dome also seeks to return a garden to the centre of the gallery, which was removed as part of renovations in 2003.

Thanks to Amy Silver, Ed Hyde, Toby Pond, Vaughan Howard, Eugene Howard, Darcy Zelenko, Dharman Gersch, Ziga Testen, Darragh O’Brien, Aiman Ahmad, Tim Black, Jon Anderson, Vicbeam, Kevin O'Connor, Paul Beale, Jess Perry, Nicole Montiero, Don Heron, Mark Patulo, Adam Graf, Max Delany and Tony Ellwood.

Media: Sydney Morning Herald, Architecture Australia, ABC, Broadsheet, Bin Dome Dance Party