Rory Hyde ProjectsWriting
Future Practice: Conversations from the Edge of Architecture
Routledge, 2012


Designers around the world are eagerly carving out opportunities for new kinds of engagement, new kinds of collaboration, new kinds of design outcomes, and new kinds of practice; overturning the inherited assumptions of the design professions. This book presents seventeen conversations with practitioners from the fields of architecture, policy, activism, design, education, research, history, community engagement and more, each representing an emergent role for designers to occupy. Whether the "civic entrepreneur," the "double agent," or the "strategic designer," this book offers a diverse spectrum of approaches to design, each offering a potential future for architectural practice.

‘A breath of fresh air.” - Domus

‘illuminates a whole world outside the traditional’. - AIA awards jury

‘Perfect material to prototype the new edges of architecture.’ - Dan Hill

‘A snapshot of ways in which designers and architects are inserting themselves into the mechanics of city-making through alternate avenues.” - Architecture Australia

‘Hyde is himself an example of the rise of new forms of architecture practice.” - Urban Lab Global Cities

‘A rare insight into what is arguably the more interesting aspect of architecture.” - Goodreads

Table of Contents

- Preface by Dan Hill



Editor Wendy Fuller, design Sam de Groot, transcription Jude Crilly, cover photo Liam Tickner

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