Rory Hyde ProjectsDesign
Pavilion for New Architecture
Monash University Museum of Art, 2007

Installation produced with BKK Architects for the Pavilions for New Architecture exhibition at the Monash University Museum of Art.

The pavilion seeks to exhibit architecture at its most essential and immersive. The suspended structure is composed of hexagonal cells radiating from a single point. From this point of projection – when standing on the black step – only the edges of the cells can be seen, dissolving all depth, creating a sense of infinite expansion. The viewer is the centre of their own sphere of sight; the origin of their own micro universe.

Designed using parametric software, each hexagonal cell is formed from a unique template, cut from card, folded, and simply stuck together with double sided tape.

Team: Rory Hyde and BKK Architects (Tim Black, Simon Knott, Julian Kosloff) with Lotte Starr and Christian Froleich.
Curators: Max Delany and Geraldine Barlow.