Rory Hyde 

The Future Starts Here

Major V&A exhibition on the future of design and technology. Co-curated with Mariana Pestana.


The world of tomorrow is shaped by the designs and technologies emerging today. From smart appliances to satellites, this exhibition brings together more than 100 objects either newly released or in development that point toward where society may be headed. Although some may seem straight out of science fiction, they are all real, produced by research labs, universities, designers’ studios, governments and corporations.

Guided by ethical and speculative questions, we invite you to step into four scenarios — self, public, planet and afterlife — each evoking increasing scales of technological impact. How might these objects affect the way you live, learn and even love?

The undeniable physical reality of these objects may give the impression that the future is already fixed. But new things contain unpredictable potentials and possibilities, often unanticipated even by their creators. It is up to us — as individuals, as citizens and even as a species — to determine what happens next. While the objects here suggest a certain future, it is not yet determined. The future we get is up to us. The future starts here.


‘Intelligent, well-presented and quietly provocative exhibition.’ - Observer

‘This show is stimulating, inspiring, exciting and challenging’ - The Times

‘ If the future starts here, there’s hope for us yet’ - City AM

‘’ - Telegraph

‘Are these the 100 objects that will shape the future?’ - CNN

‘Muscle suits, Bitcoin miners and artificial leaves descend on the V&A’ - Wallpaper

‘Discover the mysterious possibilities of technology’, Financial Times

‘Welcome to the (possible) future: V&A shows tech's hottest ideas’ - Guardian

‘Silicon Valley is the subject of the V&A’s major new exhibition’ - Wired

‘Are you ready for the Afterlife?’ - Metro

‘Ten designs that predict the future’ - Dezeen

‘Is the future transhuman?’ - Guardian

‘Drunken droids and solar powered shirts: what the smart home will look like’ - Guardian

‘Can design alter the world of tomorrow?’ - Forbes

‘This sandbox lets you terraform planets with your bare hands’ - Fast Company

Interview with CLOT Magazine

Monocle, Sunday Brunch

‘I love it, I don’t understand any of it’ - Vivienne Westwood


Curated by Rory Hyde and Mariana Pestana
Assistant curator Zara Arshad
Conceived by Rory Hyde, Kieran Long and Mariana Pestana
Exhibition design Andrés Jaque, Office for Political Innovation
Exhibition graphics 2x4
Exhibition AV and films Superflux
Exhibition lighting DHA
Exhibition management V&A (Phoebe Newman, Lauren Papworth, Sam King, Sarah Jameson, Gemma Allen)
Photos by Peter Kelleher, Michael Silver, Rory Hyde
Supported by Volkswagen Group
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